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Starting a unique business as a positive response to racial  bullying

My name is Ya'Hawkquah Lee. And I have a heartwarming story involving my 14 year old son JeNoah. Our son JeNoah is a talented bi-racial teenager who overcame racial bullying in a positive way. The entire ordeal was pretty bad, and my family had gone through three years of state level informal investigations. We eventually hired an attorney with plans to file a Federal lawsuit against the school district. However, before the case was filed in federal court, JeNoah became inspired and thought of a powerful idea. My son shared with me that he'd rather focus on his business idea, versus going through a court battle. So, I reluctantly withdrew from the case to help JeNoah bring his life changing idea to fruition. JeNoah chose to re-direct the negative energy of being racially bullied and turned it into a positive business model.

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His idea is a clothing brand called URBAN Stereotype. URBAN Stereotype is clothing brand that supports cultural and ethnic diversity. The goal is to stop racial stereotyping, but in a positive way. Our apparel is very unique in a couple of different ways. Most of our shirts consists of encouraging quotes with a creative use of our logo within the design. It's very unique, take a look at our social media pages… Our iconic logo was created by JeNoah himself. And not only does the logo stand for Urban Stereotype. It also spell out the word Us. 

This is significant due to the brand's slogan, Feelin' good about Us. This meaningful slogan represents two groups of people. It represents those subject to cultural stereotyping, but it also represents ALL racial groups who are against it. Everyone tells Us how they LOVE the story behind how URBAN Stereotype got started and how JeNoah decided to focus on the positive of what he went through. 

We would love your help JeNoah get his business of the ground, and to help JeNoah regain what he has lost. Become a part of history and support the vision!

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