About Urban Stereotype

   Special Note:
Our website is being remodeled to reflect our new vision and mission for the brand. We're evolving from a small t-shirt business to a for-profit global social enterprise.
We will productize concepts and ideas based on our logo that spells the word Us.
Our vision will remain to advocate unity dealing with cultural and ethnic diversity worldwide! 


"Create a global movement unifying all ethnic groups through commerce."


"Productize ideas and concepts that celebrate cultural diversity worldwide."

What makes Us different...

The Us concept deals with the negatives of cultural differences, but with an uplifting and non-offensive approach. An important aspect of our concept involves our logo. Not only does the logo stand for URBAN Stereotype, it also spells out the word Us. Internationally known race-educator Jane Elliott wore one of our designs. Jane said our logo is a beautiful selling point, and mentioned that we have a great idea that can make a difference! 

URBAN Stereotype was Supported by Diversity Educator Jane Elliott. Jane is internationally known for her "Blue Eyes-Brown Eyes Exercise."