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URBAN Stereotype was started because JeNoah decided to overcome racial bullying in a positive way. The entire ordeal was pretty bad, and my family had gone through three years of state level informal investigations. We eventually hired an attorney with plans to file a lawsuit against the school district. However, before the case was filed in federal court, JeNoah became inspired and URBAN Stereotype was born.

URBAN Stereotype is a lifestyle brand that supports positive cultural and ethnic diversity. The goal is to stop racial stereotyping, but in a positive way. Our apparel is very unique in a couple of different ways. Most of our shirts consists of encouraging quotes with a creative use of our logo within the design. Not only does the logo stand for URBAN Stereotype, it also spell out the word Us


JeNoah’s vision is to turn negative stereotyping into a positive. After dealing with
racial bullying, he decided to came up with a Unique and Empowering clothing
brand.  As we continue to grow our brand, we foresee all ethnic groups starting to change their mindsets about stereotypes. We sincerely believe our apparel will help to redirect negativity in a New and Powerful way. Our vision to to give minorities the opportunity to view derogatory epithets differently.

How will we accomplish this? It's in our mission statement.


Our Mission is to empower the urban community and ALL people in support of
ethnic diversity, while making each group feel good about who they are. Our unique brand is one of the first brands with a sole purpose of turning negative stereotyping into a positive through fashion; and through this reversal of thought process, we will bring our slogan to life, which means we will
start, "Feelin' good about Us.”

What makes Us different...

Our concept deals with the negatives of cultural differences, but with an uplifting and non-offensive approach. The logo concept created by 14 year old JeNoah, displays a neat illustration of the (S) sitting nicely inside of the (U). URBAN Stereotype, is a lifestyle apparel brand for all of Us. 

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