About Urban Stereotype


URBAN Stereotype was started because 15 year old JeNoah decided to overcome racial bullying in a positive way. The ordeal was very traumatic, but this brave teen didn't want to play the victim. Instead of taking the situation to the next level, JeNoah became inspired and URBAN Stereotype was born.

URBAN Stereotype is a lifestyle brand that supports positive cultural and ethnic diversity worldwide. The goal is to promote Awareness, Positivity and Self-Love. Our clothing is very unique. Most of our apparel display encouraging quotes with a creative use of our logo within the design.


"To inspire humanity to value and respect all ethnicities worldwide"

Our vision is to help society change its mindset regarding negative stereotyping. We sincerely believe our apparel will help to redirect negativity in a New and Powerful way.


"To develop concepts that advocate positive racial diversity for all."

Our unique apparel is the first brand with a sole purpose of turning negative stereotyping into a positive form of fashion.

What makes Us different...

The Us concept deals with the negatives of cultural differences, but with an uplifting and non-offensive approach. An important aspect of our concept involves our logo created by 14 year old JeNoah. Not only does the logo stand for URBAN Stereotype, it also spells out the word Us. Internationally known race-educator Jane Elliott wore one of our designs. Jane said our logo is a beautiful selling point, and mentioned that we have a great idea that can make a difference! 

URBAN Stereotype Apparel Supported by Diversity Educator Jane Elliott. Jane is internationally known for her "Blue Eyes-Brown Eyes Exercise."  

URBAN Stereotype is currently Donating 5% of all group sales to The More Than Peach Projecta movement that supports positive skin-color differentiation.

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