We Stand In Solidarity Against ALL Racial Hate.

URBAN Stereotype

A unique and Iconic brand, inspired by 16 year old JeNoah, as a positive response to racial bullying. The vision is to change mindsets about stereotypes, redirect negativity and uplift all of Us.

The Us Brand

URBAN Stereotype is an apparel brand and movement in support of cultural and ethnic diversity worldwide. The goal is to stop racial stereotyping, but in a positive way. You can be a part of bringing our uplifting brand to fruition. With your order & support, you help JeNoah, bring positive change to urban communities and ALL of Us who are against negative behaviors.

Feelin' good about Us.

A unique brand with a positive message

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URBAN Stereotype

What makes Us different,

is that our concept deals with the negatives of cultural differences, but with an uplifting and non-offensive approach.

Empowering the Urban community and ALL people

URBAN Stereotype is the first brand with a sole purpose of turning negative stereotyping into a positive form of fashion. Offering T-shirts and other gear with impactful quotes and designs. Through this reversal of thought process, we will bring our slogan to life, which means we will start "Feelin' good about Us.”

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Let's fight against negative stereotyping, challenge bullying, and bring about positive changes for all. It's not about you. It's not about me. It's about US!

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