We Stand In Solidarity Against ALL Racial Hate.

URBAN Stereotype

A Unique and Iconic brand inspired out of pain, and started as a positive response to negative stereotypes and racism.

Special Note: this website is being remodeled to reflect our new vision for the brand. We're evolving from a small clothing business to a for-profit global social enterprise.

The Us Brand

URBAN Stereotype is a brand and movement in support of cultural and ethnic diversity worldwide. We will productize various concepts based on our logo which spells the word Us.

It's About Us

A for-profit brand with a social message

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URBAN Stereotype

What makes Us different, is that our concept deals with the negatives of cultural differences, but with an uplifting and non-offensive approach. We are the first brand to make an emotional social impact on the world!

Empowering the world

URBAN Stereotype is the first brand with a sole purpose of turning racial negatives into a positive form of commerce.

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It's not about me. It's not about you. It's about US!

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